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Veenat 100mg

Imatinib Mesylate 100mg

Veenat is used for treating certain white blood cell cancer such as mylogeneous leukemia, lymphoblastic leukemia and gastrointenstinal stromal tumors by avoiding the cancer cell development and also spreading over the other parts of the human body. Following the removal of GIST veenat can be used over the patients to avoid the cancer development. 

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        It also treats the cancer that cannot be detached through surgery or if it have reoccurred after the surgery. It cures the huge cancer cell development in specific parts of the body (mastocytosis).


Precautions to be followed while using Veenat:

        Rinse your hands prior and after the usage of Veenat. Avoid vaccinations without consulting the doctor and also avoid the persons who have undergone polio vaccination as you may inhale through nose. Avoid usage of sharp objects as cuts or injuries may lead to severe bleeding. Usage of the drug veenat over the older people is advised to consult the doctor and also take the heart test before the utilization of the drug. If you have heart problems, liver problems and kidney problems prevent the usage of veenat. People suffering with similar symptoms avoid usage of the drug without the prescription of the physician.



        Elder patients of chronic phase CML are given a dosage of 400mg daily and patients in accelerated phase are given a dosage of 600mg in a single day. Patients of DFSP are given a  dosage 800mg per day. Elder patients with relapsed Ph+ ALL are given a dosage of 600mg daily. Consult the doctor for dosage schedule as it may vary depending upon the severity level of the cancer development.


Side Effects of Veenat:

        Veenat creates adverse effects such as  ascites, peripheral edema, lower respiratory zone infection, anemia, dyspnea, myalgia, abdominal distention, skin rash and headache. Regular usage of the drug should be carried by continuous assessment of the liver functionality test.

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